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About Us

We believe a child is like a mold of clay.They attain the shape we give them. Every child is unique. Therefore, our mentors at SUPERKIDS help to find out the hidden talents of the innocent ones. Even after growing up as adult, finding the dream profession is not the end. Discipline in life to follow those dreams and making it permanent is necessary. Our love for discipline would allow them to achieve their desired goal. We emphasize on creative learning.

Rector's Word

“One best book is equal to a hundred good friends, but one good friend is equal to a library.” - by Sir Abdul Kalam.

I proudly welcome all students, teachers and parents to be a part of our esteemed organization. Child Education and Development is a very important part of grooming a better younger generation, therefore a better society. We believe that knowledge is both theoretical as well as practical , so memorizing a book is not enough to face the reality of life. We give both books and co-curricular activities equal importance. We also believe in the power of imagination and creativity because dreams cannot come true, if we do not have any.

-Mrs. Chandrima Chakraborty