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Who We Are

NTA e Solutions

We are a leading web development company from Kolkata, West Bengal, India aiming to make your product/business ready for the new digital world leading to the future. Having an experience of 9+ years in this field, we have the most experienced professionals in each field we are currently working on. We work as a team to offer quality service in given time frame and sometimes even before time, which we are very proud of. NTA is the creation of eminent IT professionals from educational industry. We aimed to restructure and reshape career choices for rural Bengal students who has very limited career options. NTA stands for National Training Academy and we started our journey as a leading IT Training Institution. Within a year’s span demand for digitalization and automation in educational sector. NTA made an educational software development team full of experts. Starting with online admission process in the area of development, NTA had found success in both government organizations and private sectors.

icon   VISION
To work on providing best quality services for our clients in various sectors.

icon   MISSION
To aid in building unique, captivating brands who aims to bring positive changes in the world and make them stand out from the rest.To offer trusted confidential technological solution to people and make different kinds of management easier, faster and at par with the digital era.

icon   VALUES
Dedication, Innovation, Team Spirit, Time Management, Integrity

icon   GOAL
Providing best IT solutions to meet our customer’s present and future business needs in an efficient and cost-effective way.

icon   USP
We are known for our quality work but our greatest USP is how quickly we move from knowledge-based consulting to proving our skills through execution.


Our History

Started journey as a leading IT institution in 2010

Started journey as a leading IT institution in 2010

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